Diabetes in Pregnancy

If you were diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes prior to pregnancy, or with gestational diabetes during pregnancy, I am here to make sure you and your baby are in the best health possible as your pregnancy progresses. Pregnancy is a special time for the whole family, and making sure that glucose levels are safe for you and your baby is my top priority. I team up with families and together, we monitor glucose levels very closely, ensuring optimal levels for a healthy baby and safe delivery. I am available at all times to make sure mother and baby are receiving all needed diabetes support.

My memories of pregnancy are clouded by newly presented type 1 diabetes misdiagnosed for gestational diabetes. I remember my OB dismissing my concerns, and my frustration that despite following an extremely restricted diet and all recommendations, I was not able to provide my beloved son a healthy glucose environment. My son, Piotr, is now 18 years old and healthy.

I love supporting expectant parents and ensuring diabetes does not adversely affect pregnancy.

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